Angela's Thank You Letter

“I could not have accomplished all I have without each and every one of you supporting me along the way.”

Team Alsobrooks, we did it! It has been a long road, and we have had to overcome some challenges. But, now we have reached our goal, and I am proud to be your County Executive Elect.

Over the last year and a half, and during my eight years as your State’s Attorney, I have been humbled and strengthened by the support and trust you’ve given me. Together, we accomplished the goal of reforming our criminal justice system and made it a model for others to follow. Now, as the countdown begins to December 3rd, we will shift our focus to the other issues we must address.

It is time for our children, teachers and families to come first in our schools. It is time that every child has access to quality education. It is time to spur economic development that will create new jobs and increase our commercial tax base so we can stop balancing our budget on the backs of those we serve. And it is time that in addition to investing in buildings, that we invest in people. Every citizen deserves access to quality, affordable healthcare and we must address issues surrounding mental health and addictions.

And we are going to make sure that your tax dollars work for you. This is your government and you deserve representation that is responsive and accountable to you. You deserve to have your trash removed in a timely fashion and your streets to be free of litter. And when you call your government for services, I can promise you that someone will answer your call and help you solve your issue.

This is a historic time in our county during an important time in our country, and I could not have accomplished all I have without each and every one of you supporting me along the way. We have come so far, but there is still more work to be done, and I am so excited to continue working with everyone to get it done. I truly believe the best is yet to come! Thank you so much for your continuing love, support and partnership.